Our consultants know all relevant levers and will, therefore, lead your projects you to success.

source:net GmbH is conducting sourcing projects since 2002. We have processed numerous direct and indirect product groups, from A for aluminum to Z for zinc wire.

Here is a selection of TOP 10 categories for which we have developed high-quality solutions over the years. In addition to the market know-how of our consultants, the solutions include analysis tools, contract and tender templates, supplier databases, benchmarks, and price indices.

Nevertheless, every project is different. Moreover, we continuously improve with each project.



Print materials Forms, catalogs, calendars, brochures
Energy Electricity, gas, fuels, heating oil
Fleet management Cars, trucks, industrial trucks
Facility management Cleaning, relocation, Air conditioning, maintenance and service
Hardware (IT) Desktops, notebooks, servers, displays, projectors, MFD
Software and services Software, service contracts, helpdesk and support, implementation
C materials Paper, office supplies, furniture, Personal protective equipment (PPE), fasteners
Travel management Hotel, flights/ train/ rental car, travel portals
Telecommunications Voice (landline + mobile), data lines and network infrastructure
Logistics Freight transport, general cargo, CEP, road transport, shipping, air transport, combined transport
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